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Jual Differential Pressure Transmitter

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Jual Differential Pressure Transmitter

Jual Differential Pressure Transmitter , Harga Differential Pressure Transmitter , Supplier Differential Pressure Transmitter


Description Product : 

Differential Pressure Transmitter with signal isolation and HART communication. HART technology superimposes digital communication on top of the 4-20 mA signal for two-way field communication and enables additional information beyond the normal process variable to be communicated to and from the field instrument. The transmitter is housed inside an flameproof (certified for gas groups I, IIA and IIB) enclosure with an IP65 rating; a good level of protection against water and completely dust proof. SCC633 ships with customer specific measurement range settings, requires no external power supply when configured by USB interface and is programmed via simple and user friendly software. This HART transmitter is used to convert a variety of input signals into a scalable 4 to 20 mA analogue output signal. SCC633 converts 8 types of thermocouples (B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T), 8 types of RTDs (Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000, Cu50, Cu100) resistance (0 up to 400, 2000 or 10000) and a wide range of linear voltage inputs (-10-75 mV, -100-100 mV, -100-500 mV, -100-2000 mV ). SCC633 has a multi parametric back lit rota-table LCD display to facilitate programming and display bar graphs of process values. The HART transmitter has an internal temperature sensor for active temperature compensation. SCC633 provides galvanic signal isolation of 2000 V AC RMS, 50 hz / 1 minute. This is a highly quality temperature transmitter, with a response time of 1 second and efficacy loss of less than 0.05% per year.

Specifikati Product

Series 3100D
Explosion-proof Differential Pressure Transmitter
HART® Communication, Push Button Configuration, Rangeability ( 100: 1)

DWYER-Series 3100D
Explosion-proof Differential Pressure Transmitter

The Mercoid® Series 3100D Smart Pressure Transmitter is a microprocessor-based high performance transmitter,
which has flexible pressure calibration, push button configuration, and programmable using HART® Communication.
The Series 3100D is capable of being configured for differential pressure or level applications with the zero and span buttons
A field calibrator is not required for configuration. The transmitter software compensates for thermal effects, improving
performance. EEPROM stores configuration settings and stores sensor correction coefficients in the event of shutdowns or power loss.
The Series 3100D is FM approved for use in hazardous ( classified) locations.
The 100: 1 rangeability allows the smart transmitter to be configured to fit any application.


jual differential pressure transmiter

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